Date palm cultivars in Morocco. Composition of palm groves as revealed by leaf isoenzyme phenotypes. تشكيلة أصناف نخل التمر بالواحات المغربية من خلال الأشباه الأنزيمية

Morocco. Date palm cultivars

Date palm cultivars in Morocco. Composition of palm groves as revealed by leaf isoenzyme phenotypes. تشكيلة أصناف نخل التمر بالواحات المغربية من خلال الأشباه الأنزيمية

Date production (quantity and quality) is always related to cultivar composition of the palm groves. Date palm cultivars are generally identified by their fruit characteristics (shape, weight, colour, aspect of skin, consistency, texture, etc.). All of these criteria could easily be modified by the conditions of date palm culture. Their appearance take about 6 years of culture (slow flowering and fruiting).
Based on the electrophoresis of leaf isoenzymes, 28 reputed cultivars of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.), growing in Morocco and previously characterized by morphological characters, were identified using the more variable enzyme systems in the date palm: esterases (EST), endopeptidases (ENP) and glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (GOT), which showed, respectively, eight, six and seven electrophoretic phenotypes in leaf material A-G).
see: Cultivars du palmier dattier au Maroc (version Français).

The phenotype combinations lead to an isoenzyme-based key for date palm cultivar determination. Cultivar composition of 11 date palm groves, differing in their geographical origins, were compared. Unidentified material represented about 67% (+11%) of each date palm grove with the exception of populations at M'hamid and Rissani.

isoenzymes. Key

List of date palm cultivars

BSK: Bou-Skri, BFGM: Bou-Feggouss ou Moussa, BSTB: Bou-Sthammi Blanche, BZG: Bou-Zeggar, HOA: Haoua, RLM: Race Lahmar, BSTN: Bou-Sthammi Noire, MST: Mest Ali, JHL: Jihel, OMH: Oum N'hall, AHD: Ahardane, BCD: Bou-Cerdoun, BIT: Bou-Ittob, OTK: Outoukdim, MLB: Mah L'Beid, TDMT: Tadmemt, ADM: Admou, BAZ: Bel Hazit, MKT: Mekht, SLY: Sair Layalet, AZO: Azigzao, IKL: Iklane, BFG: Bou-Feggouss, BTD: Bou-Temda, BSL: Bou-Slikhene, BIJ: Bou-Ijjou, AIB: Aissa Ioub, MJH: Mejhoul

This result confirmed the predominance of date palms derived from germinated seeds and called locally 'khalts'. The most frequent cultivars within the 11 date palm groves were Jihel and Bou-Feggouss, which exhibit good fruit qualities.
Based on the cultivar composition of each population, the factorial component analysis showed that the Marrakech date palm grove, situated at the northern side of High Atlas, was related to date palm groves of Skoura, Ait Atman, Ksar Jdid and Ksar Sifa.
Date palm populations of Zagora, M'hamid and Rissani, eachrepresented a unique type, were characterized by cultivars Bou-Sthammi Noire, Bou-Skri (and Iklane) and Bou-Feggouss, respectively. Cultivar compositions of date palm groves, determined separately on the basis of isoenzymes phenotypes and fruit qualities, were compared and discussed. For more details see Biochemical Systematics andEcology 26 (1998) , 71-82))

Selected publications , communications and thesis

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Selected publications , communications and thesis (continued)

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