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بيوتكنولوجيات، تنوع بيولوجي و بيئة. إعلانات

Biotech annonces


Les annonces de biotech-ecolo (بيوتكنولوجيات، تنوع بيولوجي و بيئة. إعلانات) couvrent les informations sur les congrès, conférences et workshops en relation avec les biotechnologies, la diversité génétique, la biodiversité et l'environnement.

7-9 November 2018, Marrakech, Morocco. The Africa Sustainable solid waste Management workshop (AFRIWaste- 2018)

In the context of Trans4Biotec project, the University Cadi Ayyad is organizing, in collaboration with its project partners, University of Darmstadt (Germany), University of Nangui ABROGOUA (Côte d’Ivoires) and University Abdelmalek Essaadi (Tetouan), the Africa Sustainable solid waste Management workshop (AFRIWaste- 2018) in Marrakech (Morocco) at 7-9 November 2018.

The workshop aims to address the most relevant issues of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of best practices, concepts effective technologies. It aims also to raise awareness of scientists and citizens about the latest developments in the field of solid waste management. Experts, scientists & professionals from industries, municipalities, private institutions, research & education institutions, will be invited to exchange ideas, techniques & experiences on the pressing issues of solid waste. Sharing and discussing views and experiences on innovative technologies for solid waste management will provide the opportunity to directly address the challenges of sustainable development. The main topics are:
- Household solid waste collection
- Solid waste treatment technologies
- Reduce, recycling and recovery
- Energy from waste
- Policies and strategies for solid waste management
- Hazardous waste
- Industrial waste
- Decision support tools in the waste management field
- Circular economy

The key dates are as follow:
- Abstract submission deadline: 30 June 2018
- Notification of acceptance: 15 August 2018
- Full paper submission: 30 September 2018

The abstracts can be submitted online via the Web site of the workshop
For any query, do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee at the following email address
Pr. Naaila OUAZZANI, Chair of AFRIWASTE-2018 Workshop


1 et 2 Novembre 2018, Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Taroudant, Université Ibn Zohr d’Agadir (Maroc). 1er Congrès International de Biotechnologie Verte sous le thème de « La Biotechnologie au service d’une agriculture durable »

LE 1er Congrès International des Biotechnologies Vertes sous le thème de « La Biotechnologie au service d’une agriculture durable ». Ce Congrès sera organisé par la Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Taroudant, Université Ibn Zohr d’Agadir (Maroc) en collaboration avec l’Association Ibn Zohr pour la Recherche Scientifique et le Développement Durable en partenariat avec diverses structures et laboratoires de recherche marocains et étrangers. Il se tiendra à la Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Taroudant (Maroc) le 1 et 2 Novembre 2018.
La soumission des communications se fait en ligne via le lien suivant du site web du congrès :
Thèmes de congrès
- Thème I : Biotechnologie appliquée à l’agriculture et l’agro-industrie
- Thème II : Biotechnologie pharmaceutique, chimie verte et biomolécules
- Thème III : Nanobiotechnologie
- Thème IV : Biotechnologie et l’environnement
Dates clés:
- 31 / 05 / 2018 : Date limite de soumission des résumés
- 31 / 07 / 2018 : Notification d’acceptation
- 30 / 09 / 2018 : Envoi du programme complet
- 1-2 /11/2018 : Congrès
On behalf of the organizational committee, we would like to invite you to join the 1st International Congress of Green Biotechnology under the theme «Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture». This Congress will be organized in the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Taroudant, Ibn Zohr university of Agadir in collaboration with the Ibn Zohr Association for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development in partnership with various Moroccan and foreign research structures and laboratories. It will be held in Polydisciplinary Faculty of Taroudant (Morocco) on 01-02 November 2018.
Full details of the conference, including the paper online submission, are available via the following congress web site:
The congress Topics Include
- Theme I: Biotechnology applied to agriculture, agro-food and agro-industry
- Theme II : Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, green chemistry and biomolecules
- Theme III: Nanobiotechnology
- Theme IV: Biotechnology and the Environment
Key Dates:
- 31 / 05 / 2018 : Deadline for submission of abstracts
- 31 / 07 / 2018 : Notification of acceptance
- 30 / 09 / 2018 : Sending of the complete program
- 1-2 /11/2018 : Congress

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24 - 26 March 2019, Novotel Budapest City & Budapest Congress Center, Budapest, Hungary, 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference

The 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference will focus on the likely impact of climate change on crop production and explore approaches to maintain and increase crop productivity into the future.
Abstract submission deadline: 22 October 2018

24th- 26th April 2019, Agadir, Morocco. The Fourth Edition of the Microbial Biotechnology for Development congress (MICROBIOD4)

AUTHOR GUIDELINES Please to fill the registration form and submit the abstract using the Template available at the conference web site: The Abstract and Registration forms should be sent in Microsoft Word format to:, no later than October, 31st 2018.
The abstract of no more than 250 words is structured under four headings: 1. Aims of the work: Mention the problem and note the objectives of the research. 2. Methods: State the basic methodology followed in your study. 3. Results: Note the main results of your research. 4. Conclusion: Indicate the significance and impact of the study. The file title of your abstract should be noted as follow: FirstAuthor_etal_Topic-number_Oral-or-Poster. Please indicate the same title in the subject of your message. The communication can be presented in English or French, however, the Power Point slides should be in English. The Posters have also to be written in English
- October 31st, 2018: Deadline of abstract submissions Please submit a short abstract in English, to by the end of October 2018.
- January, 2019: Notification
- February, 2019: Registration
- April 24-26, 2019: MICROBIOD 4 Congress


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CHAINE YOUTUBE Chaine Youtube (abonnement). Plusieurs vidéos multilingues (+ s/titres) aux sujets des Biotechnologies et Biochimie

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- 400 QCM et Concours (Ar, Fr) sur Structure et Métabolisme des Sucres. Livre M. Baaziz, 2018:
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- Livre 'Sciences de la vie. Protéines et Enzymes' (+ DVD),Baaziz, 2013
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BIOTECHNOLOGIES. QCM, EXERCICES Biotechnologies.QCMs, Examens ..



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